Clint Eastwood’s Secret Love Child Daughter: How She Found Her Dad & He Welcomed Her To Family

Surprise! The world was drunk after followers learnt Clint Eastwood had a ‘love kid’ called Laurie Murray. So, exactly how specifically did this lady found out she was the little girl of such a Hollywood icon?

Laurie Murray, 64, discovered that she was the secret child of Clint Eastwood, 88, when she went searching for her roots. “This all took place around three decades ago. Laurie had been really interested in learning who her actual parents were as well as employed a person to assist her,” a family members good friend informed the Daily Mail. Her mom– who had a significant connection with Clint in Seattle when he was still involved to his initial wife, Maggie Johnson, according to the Daily Mail— provided Laurie up for fostering quickly after she was born.

“When they found the paperwork, her biological mommy had actually jotted down Clint Eastwood’s name [as the dad],” the resource informed Daily Mail. “From what it showed up, Clint Eastwood had no concept that she was also expectant.” The source claims that Laurie, a Lakewood, Washington native, reached out to her mommy yet she didn’t intend to be spoken to,” but Clint was the complete opposite. He was happy to learn that he had a secret child. “It undoubtedly came as a wonderful shock to Laurie yet I believe that Clint was incredibly receptive to her and the scenario.”

“Laurie and her family members are well-off in their own right,” the household buddy included, as the Mail records she’s wed to Lowell Thomas “Toby” Murray III, whose family members ran the successful Murray Pacific lumber business for more than a century. “So it had not been a scenario, which I’m sure someone like Clint Eastwood is utilized to, of somebody crawling out of the woodwork trying to find money.” LT Murray, Clint’s grand son (and Laurie’s youngster) told the Mail that Clint has made up for lost time. “All I would certainly claim is that he’s been an excellent papa to my mom, and constantly fantastic to me as well as my household whenever we see him.”

If you need any more evidence of this, seek to the 2004 Oscars. Pictures from the event show Laurie in a dress with Clint’s 2nd other half, Dina. On the rug, Laurie joined her papa to help his mother, Ruth Timber, stroll into the occasion. “We always wondered why it was never ever really widely known or widely acknowledged in the past. He took Laurie to the Oscars around the time that he was nominated for Mystic River with his mommy and also Dina,” the expert tells the Mail.

“Laurie had an actually fantastic connection with Clint’s mama,” the source claims. Ruth Timber passed away in 2006. “It seems to be a close relationship as well as they are with each other fairly frequently.”

The globe quote-unquote “found out” regarding Laurie after she attended the best of Clint’s brand-new motion picture, The Mule, on Dec. 10. Every one of Clint’s eight youngsters appeared, and his youngest daughter, Morgan Eastwood, 22, validated that Laurie is certainly her sibling. His various other kids include Kimber Tunis, 54, Kyle Eastwood, 50, Scott Eastwood, 32, Kathryn Reeves, 30, as well as Francesca Fisher-Eastwood, 25.

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